Music // Festival

Top Five Splendour Non-Headliners

Byron Bay

Lily Keenan - 24/06/2016

The bands that shred while you lie in your bed (or tent).

Travel // Road to Nowhere

Begin at Bethlehem - part II

Bethlehem, Palastine

Lucy Small - 21/06/2016

I never thought I could love a land locked, Islamic, war torn country like I loved The West Bank, Palestine.

The Summersite - In Print

Magazine Issue One - Buy it here

Issue ONE of The SUMMERSITE is a glorious 248 page coffee table style magazine.

Travel // Chasing the Sun

Chasing the Sun - Rotto

Perth, Australia

Olive Cooke - 20/06/2016

One of my all time favourite places to chase the sun is Rottnest Island ā€“ about 10 nautical miles off shore from where I grew up in Fremantle.

Travel // Permanent Vacation

Anything Goes in Nicaragua Part 1


Lily Keenan - 17/06/2016

Iā€™m yelling at the top of my lungs and a monkey has a handful of my hair. This is not what I imagined Nicaragua would be like.

Brand of the Moment


The sexy Indah swim collection made by hand with love for Summersite.

Travel // Chasing the Sun

Lizard Island is Indisposable

Lizard Island, Queensland

Remy Bernhardt - 09/06/2016

At the most Northern point of the Great Barrier Reef lays Lizard Island. Australia's most remote and secluded island resort. Lucky enough to experience and enjoy that island, I brought the Indisposable Concept along with me.

Travel // Road to Nowhere


Shane Newman - 08/06/2016

The whole day I couldn't help but think how martian-like the scenery was. Nearly completely scarce of signs of life, except for the odd llama, donkey or lone vulture flying overhead.

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Film // Postcards

Happy WA Day - Raw West

Perth, Australia

Lagoon Collective - 06/06/2016

Adventure is a word synonymous with the expansive state of Western Australia. Happy WA day.

Style // Model Citizen

Hello Lisa-Marie

Perth, Australia

Lagoon Collective - 06/06/2016

As photographers and stylists, we encounter models on a daily basis. More than their job description, more than just a stereotype; not just a pretty face, but a resident of the world. Lisa-Marie Bosbach is a Model Citizen.

Life // Pleased to Meet You

REVEALED with Emilia Galatis

Fremantle, Australia

Jon Laurenson - 03/06/2016

Meet fascinatingly mad, funny and extra ordinary Perth woman - Emilia Galatis, an art curator for REVEALED - a multi level Western Australian indigenous art event creating personal development and commercial opportunities for emerging Aboriginal artists from all over West Oz.

The Islands of OZ - Rottnest Island

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